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The 22@ District, the Epicentre of Barcelona’s Real Estate Market

22@ is one of the most sought-after areas in Barcelona: large developers are building new residential projects, and the district has the second-highest prices for leasing office space in the city.

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Barcelona’s 22@ technology district is one of the city’s most attractive areas in terms of real estate, both locally and nationally. The district has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, leading large multinationals to move their headquarters to the region.

The boom has held firm in 2020, despite the Covid pandemic. Dozens of real estate transactions have been finalised in the district, led by international companies such as Patrizia, AEW, Hines and Perial Asset Management.

The Barcelona City Council has also shown its commitment to boosting the district. This summer, the council modified the General Metropolitan Plan (PGM) to allocate almost a million square metres to business projects and the development of 4,400 homes, beyond the 5,200 that had already been planned. These residential units are in addition to those being developed by developers such as Realia or Conren Tramway Uno.

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