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The 10 Largest Residential Projects in the Country

Listed property developers, family businesses and cooperatives are all finalising the development of macro-promotions comprising between 200 to 400 homes, according to data from Brainsre.

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According to data from the real estate big data platform Brainsre, in Spain, 71,825 new-build homes are scheduled for completion in 2021. That figure is significantly lower than the 131,471 homes, across more than 4,800 projects, that were under construction in Spain just before from the outbreak of the pandemic.

By region, Madrid occupies first place in the ranking with 14,776 units due to be completed this year across 375 developments; it is followed by Barcelona, with 8,599 units across a total of 440 developments; and Málaga, with 5,871 homes across 323 projects. Meanwhile, by company, Neinor leads the forecast home completion ranking, with more than 3,300 units in the pipeline, including those inherited as a result of its recent acquisition of Quabit.

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