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Terralpa to Invest €600 Million in Luxury Developments in Spain

Terralpa, which invests for Mexican and Spanish family offices and institutional investors, has launched a fund to develop luxury residences.


Terralpa has launched a new fund with which it expects to invest 600 million euros in luxury developments in Spain over the next seven years, according to Expansión.

Ramón Hermosilla, the investment group’s managing partner, explained that Terralpa is working on a fund that would raise 250 million euros. With leverage, the sum could allow investments totalling 600 million euros.

After the success of their first fund, other Mexican, Spanish, North American and, to a lesser extent, European investors have joined this new fund.

In addition to exclusive first or second homes, the fund will analyse properties that can be mixed-use for hotels or offices and look for land management operations.

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