Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Ten Investors Bid on CBRE GI and Montepino’s €1-Billion Portfolio

International companies and funds such as GIC, Prologis, Axa and Allianz are interested in the 600,000-m2 portfolio, which will be sold during the next few days.

Logistics Platform Owned by CBRE GI and Montepino

We are entering the final stretch for one of the most significant real estate investment operations in 2020. CBRE Global Investors and the Spanish real estate company Montepino are nearing a deal to sell off a logistics portfolio with approximately twenty assets and nearly 600,000 square metres of surface area that the two firms put up for sale in September.

The Spanish company, controlled by the Vera family and based in Zaragoza, formed a partnership with the fund management company CBRE Global Investors in 2017 to invest in logistics assets. Since then, the two have built up a company with 22 assets that generate around 39 million euros annually in income.

The two firms are now looking to sell the portfolio at the beginning of 2021 (although it was initially planned to close the operation in this 2020) for approximately one billion euros.

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