Edición: Zaragoza

The Prices of Commercial Premises Fall by 19% Due to Coronavirus

Prices have only risen in municipalities whose population is greater than one million inhabitants, such as Madrid (3,334,730) and Barcelona (1,664,182).

Libra Closes 2020 With More Than 1,000 Homes Under Construction

The real estate company is currently building 1,282 homes, mostly under a cooperative regime, of which 300 will be delivered next year.

Spearvest Buys a Second Asset for its Logistics Fund in Spain

After purchasing a cross-docking platform in March, the Spearvest Spanish Logistics Fund (SSL) has invested in a new turnkey project on the Centrovía industrial estate in Zaragoza.

La Torre Outlet Zaragoza Resists Covid and Confirms that it Will Open on 22 October

The complex promoted by the owners of Pikolin will offer 61,500 square metres of commercial space following an investment amounting to almost 100 million euros.