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Culmia Acquires Land in Valgrande to Build 1,200 Homes

Culmia has acquired 335,000 m2 of land in the future urban development of Valgrande, in Alcobendas, where it will invest around 300 million euros.

Alma Grupo Inmobiliario Negotiating Land Acquisition in Central Madrid

Francisco Flores, the CEO of Alma Grupo Inmobiliario, stated that “we are negotiating the acquisition of three or four plots of land for new developments.”

Culmia Launches Luxury Housing Development in Barcelona

The project by Culmia, marked by a noucentisme style, participated in last October’s 48th Open House BCN architecture festival.

Neinor Homes’ Revenues Soar 153%, Earning More Than €62 Million in First Nine Months of 2010

Neinor Homes obtained an EBITDA of 95.7 million euros for the first nine months, compared to a full-year target of 150 million euros.