Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Edición: sales of hotels

Brookfield Acquires Four Selenta Hotels for €440 Million

The Canadian fund acquired 100% of the Selenta hotel chain management group and four of the group’s five establishments.

Schroders Capital and Meliá Buy Barcelona’s Apolo Hotel for 90 Million Euros

Meliá exercised its right of first refusal to acquire the Apolo hotel in Barcelona, together with Schroders Capital.

Millenium Sells Via Castellana Hotel to Ibervalles Family Office

The socimi agreed with one of its major shareholders, Ibervalles, to sell the company that owns the Hotel Vía Castellana in Madrid.

Bain Capital and Stoneweg Acquire 400-Room Hotel in Marbella

Through their joint venture, the companies have acquired the 400-room H10 Andalucía Plaza hotel complex, which will undergo a renovation process.