Edición: Portugal

The Portuguese Real Estate Market in April

April’s property market remained vigorous and resilient at the start of the second quarter of the year. After two years of the pandemic and an international conflict currently affecting the entire European economy, the sector is weathering the storm and saw significant investments during the month in various sectors. Residential The month was halfway through […]

The Portuguese Real Estate Market in March

Closing out the first quarter of the year, March came loaded with news in Portugal’s real estate market. While, on the one hand, two years of the pandemic caused immense problems for the hospitality sector, there have since been a series of transactions and new projects. At the same time, the housing market saw the […]

The Portuguese Real Estate Market in February

The month of February saw both positive and negative events and reports, though they are not expected to harm the real estate market in Portugal. The real estate sector has overcome, in various ways, the turbulence of the last few years, regularly demonstrating its resilience. On the one hand, pandemic-related restrictions are being increasingly eased, […]

The Portuguese Real Estate Market in December

At the end of the financial year, the usual frenetic activity level resulted in some major transactions, especially in the logistics and hotel sectors, and some interesting forecasts for 2022. 2021 ended with a slew of reports in the real estate sector, mainly transactions, as a few large transactions in the hotel and logistics sectors […]