Edición: Palma de Mallorca

Sagax Pays €50 Million for IKEA in Palma de Mallorca

The Swedish investment firm has acquired the 23,600-m2 property occupied by Ikea through the company Orontes.

The Socimi Tander Expands its Share Capital by €43 Million and Buys a Commercial Premise in Palma

The company, which has carried out two capital increases for a combined amount of 43 million euros, has also acquired a commercial premise in Palma de Mallorca for 4.6 million euros.

Madrid, Barcelona and Palma, the Provincial Capitals Where New Home Prices Are Rising by the Most

New home prices have increased by 1.4% in the Balearic capital over the last year, to €2,162/m2; whilst prices in Barcelona and Madrid have risen by 1.3%.

Most-Read B-Exclusives: The Gap Between Buying and Renting a Home Doubles to 5 Years

The significant growth in residential rental prices in Spain is triggering a rise in the effort rates compared to buying, which now exceed 45% in Barcelona and reach almost 42% in Madrid.