Edición: País Vasco

VGP Will Pay €30 Million to Create an Industrial and Logistics Park in La Naval

The investment group has submitted the highest bid in the liquidation process of the former La Naval shipyard and so will pay 30 million euros to acquire the 280,000 m2 site.

Panattoni Will Invest €190 Million in Logistics Projects in Spain and Portugal

The company plans to invest 190 million euros in the development of 12 logistics projects on the Iberian peninsula, which will span more than 200,000 square metres.

País Vasco, Navarra and Valencia Open The Door to The Expropriation of Homes Like the Balearic Islands

The Government of the Balearic Islands already has in place regulations in this regard and recently started procedures to expropriate 56 properties.

The Impact of Covid on the Real Estate Assets in Each Region

The Covid-19 pandemic has led the authorities to impose restrictive measures on the population that have had an impact on the real estate sector.