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Real Estate Confidence Rises After Nine Quarters of Declines, Says ST

The Real Estate Confidence Index has reversed its previous downward trend, which began in the third quarter of 2018, increasing by 1.6% compared to December 2020.

Germans Still Look Fondly Towards Spain’s Islands

Almost 112,000 Germans see Spain, and the islands in particular, as their favourite destination for holidays and having a second home. Of those, 25,700 have chosen to live in the Canary Islands.

VGP Finalises its Fifth Logistics Project in Spain

The European property developer and investor group VGP has built a turnkey property for Picking Farma spanning around 14,000 square metres in Lliçà d ‘Amunt (Barcelona).

Which Real Estate Companies will Pay Dividends this Year?

Companies such as Aedas Homes have decided to maintain their payment to shareholders; whereas Neinor and Insur have cancelled theirs to preserve cash.