Edición: Italy

The Italian Real Estate Market in April

The area between Florence and Prato reported the highest prices nationwide for industrial assets (70 €/Sq m versus 65 €/Sq in Milan and 60 €/Sq m in Genoa), as new investments concentrate in the region. With an investment of 150 million €, the pharmaceutical group Menarini will start in September to construct its new plant […]

The Italian Real Estate Market in March

Despite the uncertainties and the still low occupancy rates, Italian hospitality investments haven’t stopped, as reported by PKF hotelexperts. Investments in 2020 amounted to approximately 1 billion € and might reach 1.5 billion € in 2021, with 100 new hotels in the pipeline.

The Italian Real Estate Market in Febrary

Amco estimates that new non-performing exposures for 60-100 billion € will impact the Italian banking system in the next two years due to the pandemic. For what concerns hospitality real estate, according to EY, investments will reach approximately 1.5 billion € in 2021, registering a slight increase from 2020 (-68% from 2019). However, transactions are […]

The Italian Real Estate Market in January

Cbre reports that commercial real estate investments in 2020 amounted to 8.8 billion €, having declined by 29% from 2019 (12 billion €). Foreign investments went from 69% to 58%. However, this doesn’t mean the Italian market lost its appeal, it rather reflects a cautionary approach due to the current uncertainty. The pandemic also impacted […]