Saturday, January 22, 2022

Edición: Greece

The Greek Real Estate Market in January

2021 kicked off with overviews of the RE market’s performance during the last year, and estimates for the year that just started. The market in January seems to be taking slow, careful steps forward with investments limited to a few office spaces, hotels and logistics centres to help accomodate the shift to online shopping by […]

The Greek Real Estate Market in October

Following the good performance of the country at the coronavirus front during the summer and slightly after (low number of cases compared to other European countries), the Real Estate Market seems to have picked up in October with at least some transactions and developments after a very quiet summer. The interest of the investors in […]

The Greek Real Estate Market in September

Piraeus Bank: The Phoenix securitisation process has begun The first NPL securitization of Piraeus Bank (project Phoenix) has started with an express tender process. The information was sent in August, the confidentiality agreements were signed and, according to the schedule, binding offers were submitted. The portfolio consists of about 58 thousand mortgages, with a gross […]

The Greek Real Estate Market in July

The Greek Real Estate market slowed down even further in July, with very few transactions being completed and investors looking mostly for the dust of the pandemic blast to setlle down. The state regulation to help the market has been more than welcome by owners and tenants , even though, according to the market players […]