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The Greek Real Estate Market in April

Office buildings and spaces, logistics centres and hotels, have driven the Greek Real Estate market in April, following the trend of the last months. As the pandemic seems to be entering its dawn, investors showed more enthusiasm and trust in hotels, especially on the islands, but in Athens as well. While the summer days come […]

Aura REE Greece is Named Best Real Estate Advisory Firm of 2020

The real estate consultancy Aura Real Estate Experts in Greece has received the award for the best real estate consultancy in Southern Europe in 2020.

Most-Read B-Exclusives: The Pandemic Drives 185,000 Homes onto the Rental Market in the Main Cities of Southern Europe

Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Rome, Porto, Lisbon and Athens together have more than 185,000 new homes for rent on their main real estate portals.

The Greek Real Estate Market in November

Amidst the second wave of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic and the second lockdown in early November, the RE market Greece kept its pace with few transactions but an optimistic attitude. Where does this optimism come from? Mostly it is caused by the announcement of investments, especially in the fields of technology and infrastructure, as well as […]