Edición: coronavirus

The Government Will Give €7 Billion in Direct Aid to Companies

In the aid package approved by the Government on Friday, a specific amount was earmarked for the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, due to the impact of Covid on tourism.

The Pandemic Causes the Volume of Mortgage Renegotiations to Soar by 300%

Mortgage novations grew exponentially, mortgage subrogations rose by 13% and mortgage extensions were up by 12% in 2020, according to the notaries.

Témpore, the Socimi Owned by TPG and Sareb, Doubled its Losses in 2020

Tempore closed 2020 with losses of 7.32 million euros, after recognising provisions amounting to 2.24 million euros for asset impairment.

MIPIM Postpones its 2021 Edition Until September

The organisers are launching a hybrid format of the fair in Cannes on 7-8 September; meanwhile, the meeting for 2022 has been scheduled for 15-18 March.