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Vyosa, Owner of Edificio Beatriz, Buys the Edificio Cristalia 9 Office Block

Vyosa is known in the real estate sector for owning one of the best buildings in the Spanish capital: the iconic Edificio Beatriz.

Patrizia Buys an Office Building on Calle Zurbarán 20 for €20 Million

The new asset spans 2,779 square metres and its tenants include Las Arcadias and the Quirón Salud hospital group.

The Lowdown on the 3,300 New Homes That Work Will Begin On in Q4 2022 in the Community of Madrid

Leading the ranking in terms of who’s building the most new homes, we find large promoters such as Argis, Domogestora, Levitt, Grupo EM, Gesbro, CPGrupo, Habitat, Aedas Homes and Metrovacesa.

Caleido Unveiled: The New Shopping District Under the Cuatro Torres in Madrid

The new commercial area houses the city’s first vertical university campus and a high-performance clinic, amongst other projects.