Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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Madrid and Barcelona Invite Property Developers to Build Thousands of Homes Together

The Community of Madrid is finalising a tender to build 7,000 homes using 650 million euros of private capital; whilst Barcelona is going to expand its public housing stock by 1,000 flats.

Amazon Builds a New Logistics Centre in Castellón

The US company will build the logistics complex in the town of Onda on plots of land spanning 200,000 square metres.

Greystar Buys 4 Student Halls for its Joint Venture with Axa and CBRE GI

The joint venture owned by Greystar, CBRE GI and Axa had bought four student residences from Urbania comprising more than a thousand beds. Three of the assets are still under construction.

The Community of Madrid Will Build 194 Homes for Social Rental Use

The building work will require an investment of 19.2 million euros, which will be borne jointly by the Community of Madrid and the Ministry of Transport.
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Latest News

Madrid’s Salamanca Neighbourhood Resists Covid With No Price Decreases

The prices of commercial premises and homes for sale in the prestigious Madrid neighbourhood have remained stable; whilst the price of residential rental properties fell by 5% in the third quarter.

The Prices of New Homes Resist Covid and Continue to Rise

New build apartments in the Balearic Islands cost more than 580,000 euros on average; meanwhile, in Madrid, they cost 412,000 euros and in Castilla La-Mancha you can buy one for 122,147 euros.

The 22@ District, the Epicentre of Barcelona’s Real Estate Market

22@ is one of the most sought-after areas in Barcelona: large developers are building new residential projects and the district has the second highest prices for leasing office space in the city.

The Rental Market in Spain: the Stock Increases and Prices Fall

The average residential rental price in Spain reached 10.2 euros per square metre per month in the third quarter of 2020 and so prices remain at record highs despite the Covid-19 crisis.

Most Read

The Qatarí Group Al Alfia Acquires Shares in Urbas in Exchange for a 51% Stake in Ecisa

The Qatari group, which owns the Alicante-based construction company Ecisa, has given up half of its stake in exchange for shares in the listed real estate company.

Santander Plans to Invest €1 Billion in NPLs

The bank is planning to enter the market for non-performing loans as a buyer and is looking to invest €1 billion in the doubtful credit market.

Sabadell and Chenavari Receive Offers For Their Portfolios With Discounts of Up To 50%

The sale of the first two portfolios post-Covid in Spain reflects the fears of the international funds, which are making offers with average discounts of 20%.

Major Investment Funds Slow Down Their Investments in Spain, Halting Ongoing Transactions

International investment firms such as Fortress, Bain Capital and Bayview are opting to look for potential investments in southern European markets outside of Spain, putting operations such as the sale of NPL's in Santander and Sabadell on hold.