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Is it Possible to Defer Private Rental Payments Between Individuals in Spain?

The extension of the moratorium on mortgages to rental homes raises complex judicial and legal challenges in a market managed, for the most part, by individuals. Stakeholders are being advised to hold private negotiations to modify payments. In Spain, more than 90% of rental homes are owned by individuals, who in many cases use the income to supplement their pensions or wages.

The Sector Reacts to Coronavirus: What are Companies Planning?

The large property developers, shopping centre owners, rental home Socimis and real estate agents are all taking steps to alleviate the effects of the crisis.

The First Effects of Covid-19 in Spain: House Sales Stop in their Tracks

Although no official statistics have been released about house prices or transactions since January, hardly any sales have been recorded since 15 March, according to the Real Estate Agents’ Association (APIs).

Merlin Waives 100% of the Rental Payments from Shops and Hotels Closed by Covid-19

The firm led by Ismael Clemente has started to communicate this decision, which will benefit 77% of its tenants in the retail segment.