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DDC Financial’s European Investment Summit on NPL will be held in Madrid on 15 September

It will look at the market activity and investment prospects for debt instruments, as well as opportunities for investors seeking to deploy capital into these assets.

Madrid hosts DDC Financial’s European Investment Summit on NPLs

On Thursday, September 15th, DDC Financial’s European Investment Summit will gather leading protagonists of the European NPL community in central Madrid.  A wide-ranging program of discussion sessions and networking opportunities can be expected, keeping participants up to date on the latest developments and trends in the current volatile market. This meeting will provide an overview […]

BNP Completes the Acquisition of an Office Building in 22@

The bank’s investment manager has paid 50 million euros for the complex which was previously owned by UK&European Investments.

The State of the Spanish Real Estate Market in December

At the end of the financial year, the usual frenetic activity level in the Spanish real rstate market resulted in some major transactions, especially in the logistics and hotel sectors, and some interesting forecasts for 2022.