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Spanish Companies Invested More than €1,000M in Leasing in January and February, Down by 1.2%

The number of leasing contracts increased by 3.7% during the first two months of the year. Madrid and Cataluña accounted for around 35% of new investment in leasing.

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Spanish companies invested €1,055.7 million in leasing to finance movable and immovable assets during January and February 2020, down by 1.2% compared to the same period last year, according to data from the Spanish Leasing and Renting Association (AELR).

However, the number of contracts increased by 3.7% during that period, to 18,352. New investment in the leasing of movable property decreased by 3%, to €920.1 million, and in immovable property amounted to €135.6 million, up by 12.2%.


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