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Spain’s Property Developer Ranking By Number of New Homes They Plan to Complete in 2021

A dozen large companies, controlled by investment funds and wealthy families, are vying for the sceptre in the new-build home market this year.

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According to data from the real estate big data platform Brainsre, 71,825 new-build homes, spread over 3,342 developments, are expected to be completed during 2021. Almost 20,000 of those are forecast to be completed before March, with the subsequent quarters seeing the completion of around 17,000 units each, according to the platform.

“The real estate market is mired in a scenario of constant economic uncertainty as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic, with countless predictions being unleased about the future of the different segments. Focusing on the residential market and specifically, on the new-build market, we can be more optimistic than if we talk about the second-hand home market, which has performed less well, just one year after the coronavirus became part of our lives”, explains María Moreno, Data Scientist at Brainsre.

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