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Spain Plans to Add 14,000 More Beds to its Student Hall Supply Despite the Pandemic

The market saw the addition of 12 new student residences in 2020, taking the total number to 1,053, with Madrid at the helm, according to Informa's DBK Sector Observatory.

Residencia estudiantes IQ

Despite its ability to crush revenues, Covid does not appear to be having much of an impact on investment in the student residence market. In fact, the number of student residences in Spain increased in 2020 by twelve units (and just over 3,500 places), to 1,053 properties and 97,290 places, according to Informa’s (a subsidiary of Cesce) DBK Sector Observatory.

The majority of student halls in Spain are regular university residences, specifically, 875 centres and 75,323 places, whilst the remainder are known as “colegios mayores”, traditionally single-sex, religion-oriented halls, specifically, 178 centres and 21,967 places. In this way, the growth trend seen in recent years has become more marked; since 2017 the number of centres has increased by 35 units and the number of places by 7,732.

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