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Spain Has the Third-Highest NPL Level in Europe

The NPL ratio is 4.5%, higher than the European average. Banks have offloaded real estate assets worth more than 7 billion euros in 2021.


Spain has the third-highest level of NPLs in Europe, behind just France and Italy, according to the business consultancy Axis Corporate.

Even though Spanish banks have disposed of €155.921 billion in real estate assets since the beginning of 2015, Spain still has an NPL ratio of 4.5%, above the average of 2.9% in the rest of Europe.

Spanish banks have disposed of real estate assets worth €7.025 billion in 2021, the main sellers being Sareb, with €1.7 billion, and Banco Sabadell, with €1.385 billion. However, it still has a stock of 80.299 billion euros to sell.

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