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Spain Has 228 Million m2 of Potentially Buildable Residential Land

The country's buildable vacant plots means it has capacity for another 1.4 million homes.

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The high demand for land caused by the pandemic increased transactions involving this type of asset by up to 94%. In this way, in 2021, operations worth 4.3 billion euros involving more than 34.8 million m2 of land were closed, according to data from CBRE.

According to the consultant, there is currently approximately 228 million m2 of vacant buildable residential land under urban management at the national level, on which up to 1.4 million homes could be developed, which would be absorbed over a period of approximately 20 years. Specifically, the Spanish capital is home to 8.94% of this land under management (with capacity for 122,400 homes), followed by Barcelona with 6.68% (and capacity for 91,400 homes). Those two cities are followed Valencia and Toledo, which are home to 5.41% and 5.25% of the land under management, respectively.

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