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Spain Could Be Entitled to €140 Billion of the EU’s €750 Billion Reconstruction Plan

Spain could be entitled to receive €140 billion, of which €77 billion would be in the form of direct transfers.

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On Wednesday, the European Commission proposed a stimulus plan worth €750 billion to the European Parliament. Of that amount, the majority, €500 billion, would be made available to countries in the form of direct transfers. The rest, €250 billion, would be instrumented through loans.

That is the plan proposed by France and Germany, which is proposing €500 billion in non-reimbursable subsidies with the aim of avoiding further indebtedness by countries, and which the European Union would assume itself. Under the current design, a third of the amount would comprise loans to balance the interests of the countries in the South with those of the North, which had already expressed their opposition to giving non-repayable amounts.


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