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Spain Becomes the European Leader in Sustainable Offices

Spain tops the list of European countries with the most LEED and BREEAM certified buildings, boosted by the offices of the large Socimis such as Merlin, Colonial and GMP.

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Interest in sustainability and energy efficiency is becoming increasingly established in the Spanish real estate sector. The boost from large funds, Socimis and property owners has converted Spain into the European leader in terms of the number of sustainable buildings in 2019. Moreover, the country retained its position as tenth in the worldwide ranking, according to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The sector’s commitment to curbing climate change is evident in the growth that the various certification platforms are having in the country. They assess buildings based on the impact they have on the ecosystem. Spain is positioned as one of the countries that is most committed to sustainability with dozens of its properties being awarded LEED and BREEAM certificates.

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