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Spagnolo and Mayoral, The Latest Openings at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza

The Spanish brand Spagnolo and the children's fashion brand Mayoral will open at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza on February 12 and February 15, respectively.


The Spanish brand Spagnolo opened its doors on Friday at La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, and it will be followed by the opening of the children’s clothing and footwear brand Mayoral this week. Both brands make their debuts in the complex to enrich both the men’s and women’s brand mix, as well as the children’s offer.

“We are very happy about the opening of both stores in La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. It is a very important moment for us and we are sure that our customers are going to love their collections and prices”, highlighted Claudio Poltera, Director of the Centre.


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