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Sonae Sierra opens offices in Maia

The concept and design of the space is the responsibility of Reify.

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The multinational company Sonae Sierra has inaugurated offices in Maia, integrated into the Sonae campus.

This project exemplifies Sierra’s vision for the workplaces of the future, addressing the needs of cutting-edge companies to meet the ambitions of their employees and investors.

The new space reflects current needs, particularly flexibility, which is intrinsic to the emerging work styles of recent years. The focus is on fostering dynamics among people, as the office was designed to promote connection and collaboration, which are central elements of the desired company culture.

The project combines functional and emotional dimensions to provide a range of solutions that maximize performance and well-being in the execution of different types of tasks. This includes tasks that require individual focus, as well as those involving small or large group work, both in-person and remotely. There are also solutions specifically designed to stimulate creativity and brainstorming. The office features systematic soundproofing and provides over 100 workstations, various types of meeting rooms, and an informal amphitheater for presentations. The concept revolves around the “Central Café,” the office cafeteria, where people naturally come together to share questions, knowledge, and experiences.

The skylights in the building’s roof allow for increased natural light capture and distribution throughout all workspaces. The office utilizes energy-efficient 100% LED lighting with automatic regulation based on brightness and occupancy, as well as home automation for control. The adjustable climate control system based on temperature sensors enables energy savings of up to 70% compared to the previous setup.

The space is characterized by a blend of materials and natural elements, such as wood and plants. The combination of urban art with traditional craftsmanship, such as burel work created by national artists and workshops, gives the office a unique personality.

Inês Drummond Borges, Chief Transformation Officer at Sierra, believes that architecture plays a decisive role in human behavior. She states, “We have designed our new office in Maia to shape the behaviors we want to reinforce in the company. We want this workplace to inspire us to be even more open, dynamic, and collaborative in how we together build the new Sierra.”

According to Jorge Morgadinho, Executive Director of Reify, “At Reify, we leverage our extensive experience in creating spaces to redefine inspiring work environments that cater to new experiences and provide long-term productivity. The new space was designed to make us feel welcomed, with elegant lines, natural light, green touches, and materials chosen with sustainability in mind. Quality is behind every detail.”

He further adds, “Our office should reflect what Sierra represents today, and we are immensely proud to open our doors and showcase it. We are a real estate player fully focused and prepared to participate in the construction of the cities of the future.”

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