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Solvia Launches a New Digital Platform to Show off its Assets

Through 'open the window', the real estate agency is offering practical information about the sector and a sample of some of its best assets, amongst other features.

Promoción vivienda Solvia Madrid
A new housing development in El Escorial (Madrid). Source: Solvia.

The real estate services firm Solvia, which has a portfolio of 141,000 assets under management, has launched a digital platform called ‘open the window’. Its main objective is to send messages, entertain users and create content at this exceptional time due to coronavirus.

Through the platform, users are able to find four types of content: a sample of some of the best assets for sale by the real estate agency, from coastal homes to primary residences and the best selection of new-build assets; practical information about the sector; household tips, useful for applying around the home during the lockdown; and an extensive cultural and entertainment offer with museum visits, monologues, concerts, interactive games, etc.


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