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Smy Hotels and Wyndham to Jointly Develop 20 Hotels in Spain, Italy and Portugal

The agreement will remain in force for the next ten years and is part of the expansion plan of both companies.

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The hotel operator Smy Hotels has reached a non-exclusive agreement with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts to open 20 hotels in Spain, Portugal and Italy. The openings will take place over the next ten years. Wyndham operates 8,900 hotels in 96 countries, hosting 80 million guests worldwide. Smy Hotels has assets in Tenerife, Greece, Sicily, Sardinia, Tuscany, Tretino Alto Adige and Tunisia.

Ovidio Andrés, founder of Smy Hotels and Logitravel, explained the reason for the alliance: “In a global world you can’t go with a local brand, that’s why Wyndham’s brand concept is very powerful.” He considers it impossible to do it with Smy Hotels and Logitravel’s own means: “Windham gives us a commitment and will be our guide in the expansion, adding that they would not do any more deals of this kind. Windham Hotels & Resorts’ president for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Dimitris Manikis, said they are “looking forward to expanding in the Mediterranean.” He also believes they can help Smy Hotels grow with their knowledge and experience.

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