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Silicius Postpones IPO and Looks to Triple its Investments by 2021

The socimi managed by Mazabi has opted to carry out a technical listing while waiting for a better moment and will focus on increasing its investments from the previous 100 million to 300 million euros.

Hotel Menorca Mazabi Silicius

Led by Spanish large asset manager Mazabi, the socimi Silicius is one of the main players in Spain’s real estate market. Whether it is hotels, commercial assets or alliances with other business groups such as Liberbank and Merlin, Silicius has managed to become a force in the sector.

Even the pandemic has failed to halt the socimi’s rise, though it has changed some of its plans, its CEO, Juan Díaz de Bustamante, stated in an exclusive interview with Brainsre.news.

“We are working on going public. We have a portfolio of 45 consolidated, diversified properties, with a gross valuation of over 600 million euros,” he stressed.

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