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Silicius Diversifies its Portfolio to Grow in Size Ahead of its IPO

In this way, the shareholders will be presented with several operations already in progress, as well as a pipeline of deals worth approximately €300 million, which the company has identified and which fit with the approved investment policy.

The purchase of 29% of Shark Capital, a real estate investment vehicle with rental properties across Europe, will allow it to diversify its assets geographically.

Mazabi’s Socimi closed last year with 35 assets in its portfolio in total, with a gross value of more than €442 million and 38 new shareholders, whereby fulfilling the business plan approved by the shareholders. “This Business Plan is based on the contribution and acquisition of properties that fit with the company’s investment policy to consolidate a diversified portfolio of assets of various types (hotels, offices, commercial properties and high street) that generate stable rents, with the aim of reaching a suitable size and optimal structure for its stock market debut”, say sources at the company.


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