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Silicius and Partners Sell Recoletos 23 Office Building

Silicius, the Mazabi group’s socimi, has finalised its sale of an office building at Recoletos 23. The asset has more than 2,000 m2 of GLA that it had placed on the market for around 12 million euros.

recoletos 23
The building at Recoletos 23, Madrid.

A company owned by the socimi Silicius, managed by the Mazabi group, has finalised the sale of its office building at Recoletos 23 in Madrid to an unnamed buyer.

Silicius has transferred the building it owned at 23 Recoletos in Madrid, an asset that it put up for sale last March, as Brainsre.news exclusively reported.

The building was refurbished in 2015 and is located in one of the commercial hubs of the city of Madrid, in the Salamanca neighbourhood. It has about 2,100 square metres of floor space, spread over six floors of offices and a store on the ground floor.

Silicius bought the building in 2014 from Catalunya Banc. Mazabi paid around €12 million for the asset, the same price that the socimi expected to earn from the sale, according to Juan Antonio Gutiérrez, CEO of Mazabi in talks with Brainsre.news in March.

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