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Servihabitat Out of Race for Sareb’s €30-Billion Contract

While Servihabitat is out, the rest of the servicers competing in the tender process are still in the race, including Altamira, Haya Real Estate, Solvia, Hipoges and Anticipa.


In a setback for Servihabitat, the servicer owned by Lone Star and CaixaBank has been eliminated from the competition to manage Sareb’s €30-billion portfolio, according to El Confidencial. Brainsre.news has confirmed the report.

The remaining servicers are still in the running for the Esparta II portfolio: Altamira, Haya Real Estate, Solvia, Hipoges and Anticipa. Of these, two or three will be awarded a participation, an option chosen by the bad bank to be more efficient and reduce costs.

The entity headed by Javier García del Río is expected to make the final decision during the first quarter so that the asset managers can be working by the middle of the year.

Lone Star and CaixaBank’s servicer had been considered one of the most likely to win the contract.

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