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Servihabitat Launches a Campaign to Enable Purchasers to Buy Homes with No Deposit

Residencia San Isidro Pau Carabanchel Madrid Servihabitat 1 1
The San Isidro residential property in the Pau de Carabanchel (Madrid) owned by Servihabitat.

The manager Servihabitat has launched its ‘Habita’ campaign, which enables purchasers to buy homes without a deposit. The real estate company is deferring the payment of up to 20% of the appraisal value of the properties, until September 2023 and interest-free, for a portfolio of homes owned by Coral Homes.

This new campaign is aimed at users who want to buy a home but who do not have enough savings to pay the 20% of the total price that the banks tend not to finance through a mortgage. Servihabitat is offering buyers the option to pay up to 20% of the price of the property in three successive payments, until 29 September 2023.


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