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Servihabitat Increases Turnover by 30% Due to Increased Demand for Existing Homes

In February, the servicer brokered properties worth a total of approximately 250 million euros.

Residencia San Isidro Pau Carabanchel Madrid Servihabitat 1
One of the developments marketed by the servicer in Madrid.

Servihabitat posted its fourth consecutive month of increased turnover, selling properties worth about 250 million euros, a new high for the month.

Servihabitat assured a range of indicators point to the fact that the real estate market “is recovering, and even surpassing, the rates of previous periods within a sector that, despite the effects of the pandemic, has been solid.”

The company’s turnover has increased by 30% compared to December in Servihabitat, “a notably high percentage and which shows the high-level of demand when it comes to acquiring this type of asset.”

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