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SCCE and Smart Habent to Build Shopping Centre in Lérida in €210-Million Investment

The companies will build a 55,000-m2 (GLA) shopping, leisure and restaurant development within the Catalan city’s train station.

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Smart Habent has registered a project to construct a 55,000 square metre GLA shopping, restaurant and leisure centre located in the Lérida train station.

To carry out the project, the Lérida-based consultancy firm has teamed up with the Sociedad de Centros Comerciales de España (SCCE), which manages more than 850,000 m2 of retail space in Spain and Andorra.

The shopping centre’s main entrance will be through the station’s classic façade and will house 110 stores. 20% of those will be large and medium-sized premises, including a supermarket.

There will also be a click and collect point, an online shop and outlets. Another 41 premises will be dedicated to restaurants and leisure, with restaurants, fast food, an area for pop-up gastronomic events, a food market and food trucks, cinemas, a children’s area, a simulator and virtual reality areas and a gym, according to Segre.com.

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