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Savills Earned €2.1bn in 2019, up by 10% YoY, driven by Growth in its Less Transactional Services

Mark Ridley director ejecutivo Savills 1
Mark Ridley, CEO of Savills.

Savills’ revenues increased by 10% to €2.1 billion (GBP 1.9 billion) last year. That figure was driven by the strong performance of its less transactional business lines, which accounted for 57% of its revenues, according to the company’s results, which have not been audited yet.

The company experienced 16% growth in its less transactional services compared to the previous year. In this way, its revenues from facilities management increased by 17% and from consulting by 15%. “We continue to focus on the growth of our less transactional businesses, increasing our participation in international transactional markets and improving business resilience,” says Mark Ridley, the Chief Executive Officer of the group.


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