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Sareb to Pay Bonuses to its Workforce after Reducing its Losses to €850M

Jaime Echegoyen. Fuente Sareb
Jaime Echegoyen, President of Sareb.

The Company for the Management of Assets proceeding from the Bank Restructuring (Sareb) ended last year with losses below the -€900 million with which it expected to close 2019 and so it is going to distribute a bonus to its staff, as explained by La Información.

The bonus will amount to between 8% and 25% of the fixed remuneration and will be distributed to the almost 400 people who make up the company’s total workforce. This is the first time that Sareb’s employees will receive such an incentive since the company was created in 2012 to ease the real estate portfolios of the financial entities intervened by the State.


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