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Sareb Seeks to Reposition Its Assets Among Servicers

Sareb will launch a public tender to divide its €50 billion assets differently to extract the maximum value.

Javier Garcia del Rio consejero delegado de Sareb 1

Sareb is in the process of reorganising its relationship with servicers. According to El Confidencial, it has convened its partners to launch a new tender, Esparta II. This tender corresponds to assets valued at 50 billion euros, currently managed by Solvia, Servihabitat, Altamira and Haya.

The bad bank wants to change its relationship with the servicers to increase its control. It is looking to get more value out of its portfolio and re-evaluate the commissions it pays.

This tender will be the second part of the one won by Haya, in 2019, whose contract ends in June 2022. Even so, it can terminate that contract three months in advance, which it will have to execute if it wants to launch all its assets.

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