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Sareb Seeks a Manager to Put More Than 300 Plots of Land on the Market

The company that manages assets proceeding from the rescued banks is looking for a manager to help it develop at least 308 plots of land located in several Spanish provinces.

Javier Garcia del Rio consejero delegado de Sareb
Javier Garcia del Rio is the CEO of Sareb

Sareb, the company created to manage the real estate assets from the rescued banks, has decided to look for a partner to help it push ahead with the difficult mission of finding an exit for the tens of thousands of foreclosed assets that it has on its balance sheet.

For this reason, the company led by Jaime Echegoyen and Javier del Río has put out to tender the so-called Project Neo. The initiative seeks to implement a new land management model for Sareb, and to find an exit for all of the assets that the company still has in its portfolio, according to market sources speaking to

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