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Sareb Hires Corcóstegui to Recover its Non-performing Loans

Jaime Echegoyen. Fuente Sareb 1

Sareb (the Company for the Management of Assets proceeding from the Bank Restructuring) has engaged the services of Lexer to provide legal support in the judicialisation and recovery of non-performing loans, according to reports from Vozpópuli. Lexer is a firm that specialises in financial services, which was acquired by Magnum Capital, the largest Spanish private equity firm, founded by Ángel Corcóstegui.

Last year, that firm launched an operation to concentrate various offices specialising in debt recovery by merging Lexer, Medina Cuadros and Cobralia. The operation took place whilst lawsuits against banks for floor clauses and mortgages with IRPH (mortgage loan reference index), amongst others, were in full swing.


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