Monday, July 13, 2020
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San Martín de Valdeiglesias Says that a Plan like the Reuben’s for the San Juan Reservoir has Already Been Rejected

The PP mayor has denied the possibility that a real estate project by the Reuben brothers will go ahead in the vicinity of the San Juan Reservoir after the Community of Madrid rejected a similar plan by the PSOE.

Entrepreneurs and the Reuben brothers have bought 250 hectares of land on which they plan to build 650 homes and a hotel to turn the San Juan reservoir into an inland residential destination. However, the local mayor, Mercedes Zarzalejo (PP), added that the Director General of Urban Planning for the Community of Madrid sent them a negative resolution “with very relevant rulings”, according to the Efe agency.

According to the agency, this initiative, promoted by the previous local government led by the PSOE, was recently rejected by the Community of Madrid. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs have bought 250 hectares on which they plan to build 650 homes and a hotel to turn Madrid beach into an inland residential destination.


House Prices in Madrid Rise by More Than 45% in Five Years

The average home cost 295,927 euros in the Spanish capital at the end of March, compared to 165,280 euros on average in Spain.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Home in Your Area According to the Government’s Statistics?

The map prepared by Brains RE using data from the Ministry of Development's index reveals the rental prices in each municipality in Spain; and they vary quite a lot compared to other indicators.

Where are the Most Expensive Homes in Spain?

25 Spanish towns registered house sales costing more than 3,300 euros per square metre during the first quarter, including eight municipalities in the Balearic Islands.

House Sales Reach their Highest Prices in 8 Years

Homes sold during the first quarter of 2020 registered the highest prices seen in the last eight years, with an average of 1,747 euros per square metre; four autonomous regions accounted for 70% of the total sales volume.

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