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RTVE Looks to Sell Several Assets for Over 12 Million Euros

The state-owned company RTVE has put almost twenty assets on the market, expecting to earn about 12 million euros.

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RTVE has launched a plan to sell several of its real estate assets to respond to the economic crisis it is experiencing. The assets comprise entire buildings, houses and commercial premises.

The publicly-owned corporation expects to earn more than 12 million euros from the sale of these properties. However, market watchers believe that the starting price for some of the properties is too high, which is why it has not been able to sell them in the past. This may lead RTVE to lower the starting price.

The new Board of Directors, headed by José Manuel Pérez Tornero, has now taken up the process of disposing of the 17 properties, all of which are currently unoccupied. The portfolio comprises several commercial premises and offices, with a surface area of more than 7,000 square metres, two plots of land totalling 17,000 m2, entire buildings, houses and a penthouse.

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