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RTV Group Inmobiliario Buys 3 Plots of Land in Barcelona & Ibiza in Which it Will Invest €68 Million

With this new acquisition, the property developer is increasing its portfolio of homes to be delivered within the next 36 months to 226 units.

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During the second half of 2022, RTV Grupo Inmobiliario has acquired two plots of land in the municipality of Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, and another on the Sant Joan Despí road, in Barcelona. In total, it has disbursed around 16 million euros to purchase the plots and it is estimated that the investment for the three projects will reach 68 million euros in total.

The two promotions in Ibiza will comprise 64 residential units and two commercial premises, spread over an above-ground surface area of 7,000 square metres. In the case of the development in Barcelona, it will constitute 68 homes and one commercial space spread over 8,800 m2.

Read the full article in Spanish.

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