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Reyal Urbis Seeks a Buyer for Rafael Santamaría’s “Hotel Dream”

The liquidators of one of the largest real estate companies to fold during the previous crisis is auctioning off the 6 hotels that comprise the Rafael Hoteles chain, along with 12 plots in Pozuelo and a stake in Castellana 200.

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Hotel La Pleta, located in Baqueira Beret.

The extrajudicial auction of the assets owned by the real estate firm Reyal Urbis, which filed for the second largest bankruptcy in Spain in 2013, with liabilities of more than 4.7 billion euros, is putting the six hotels that comprise the Rafaelhoteles chain on the market. The properties are actively managed and are operational, although with the logical stoppage due to Covid 19.

Specifically, in Madrid, the chain has two hotels located in Atocha and Ventas, plus another one in Alcalá de Henares. It also manages one property with the Holiday Inn in Pirámides. La Pleta is the jewel in the crown – a luxury hotel located in Baqueira Beret; whilst the sixth property is located in the Catalan town of Badalona. The sale of the Rafaelhoteles portfolio comes at a time when many assets are coming onto the market due to the crisis as a result of the pandemic.

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