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Restrictions on Non-Essential Economic Activities will be Lifted after Easter

The Executive will extend the State of Emergency until 25 April, but this measure will not affect non-essential activities, whose cessation will come to an end after 9 April.

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On Saturday, Pedro Sánchez announced that the Council of Ministers will request authorisation from Congress on Tuesday to extend the State of Emergency for the second time. The new period, of another fortnight, will run from next Sunday 12 April until midnight on Saturday 25 April.

However, the President of the Executive communicated that the exceptional economic “hibernation” measures will not be prolonged beyond 9 April, referring to the decision to stop all non-essential activities. “That was necessary to contribute to the control of the epidemic, according to the opinions of all the experts, but once Easter is over, the State of Emergency will continue as it was, without the exceptional measures since the term for which they fixed will have expired, “said Sánchez.


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