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Rental Properties No Longer “Fly Off the Shelf” in Barcelona as the Time it Takes to Find a Tenant Increases

It now takes 2.2 months on average to rent out an apartment in Barcelona, up from 1.5 months, according to Brainsre, however, the city still has one of the most liquid rental markets in the country.

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It is one of the areas of the country where residential demand is highest, especially for rental properties. Barcelona has become a magnet for a multitude of international companies that are choosing to set up their headquarters there and, with them, their employees have been looking for new homes in the Catalan capital.

For this reason, Barcelona has enjoyed one of the lowest publication periods for rental housing adverts in Spain. In this way, in March 2020, the average publication time for rental properties was just a month and a half, according to data collected by the real estate big data platform Brainsre. Now, and after the tough months of the pandemic, the average publication time for rental apartments has increased considerably to 2.2 months.

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