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Rental Homes Generated an Average Yield of 7% in 2019, according to Solvia

Lleida, Toledo, Valencia and Segovia were the most profitable cities for rental properties in 2019. The average rental price was €9 per square metre.

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Rental homes generated a return of 7% in 2019, up by one percentage point compared to the previous year. The average rental price amounted to €9 per square meter, which represented an increase in interannual terms of 2.4%, according to data from the IV Solvia Market View 2019.

The most profitable cities last year were Lleida, where yields amounted to almost 8%, Toledo (7.5%), Valencia and Segovia (both 6.6%). “That is because in those cities you can still buy properties at affordable prices and, due to their locations, renting is a good option when it comes to obtaining a return on the investment,” explains Solvia. On the contrary, Barcelona is now the city with the least profitable rentals due to the high sales prices of the properties there.


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