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Rental Home Owners ask for Public-Private Collaboration for the Covid-19 Solutions

The recently formed association, Asval, is calling on all parties involved in the rental sector to work together to recover the market since the impact of Covid-19 "will extend beyond the State of Emergency."

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The Association of Rental Homeowners (Asval), which brings together owners of almost 30,000 homes, including individuals and companies such as Testa, Aedas, Ares and Albirana, considers that rental homeowners and the Government should work together to find “efficient and equitable” solutions to the situation generated by Covid-19.

The association, led by ex-minister Jordi Clos and real estate expert Beatriz Toribio, proposes the creation of a Public-Private Collaboration Board (MCPP) with the aim of involving all of the parties with a stake in the rental sector to seek structural solutions and mitigate the effects of this situation for people affected by the coronavirus. Asval also advocates working together to lay the foundations for the recovery of the sector, since the impact of this crisis “will extend beyond the current State of Emergency”.


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