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Rental Costs in Spain Fall by Just 0.8% in July, According to Fotocasa

Monthly and yearly change by month

The avaerage price of rental housing posted a year-on-year increase of 7.9% in July, according to the real estate website Fotocasa’s Real Estate Index. The increase occurred despite the small month-on-month drop of 0.8% from June to July.

The most regions with the highest rental costs are the Communities of Madrid and Catalonia, with average prices of 15.01 euros/m2/month and 14.40 euros/m2/month, respectively. The two are followed by the Basque Country (€13.21/m2/month), the Balearic Islands (€12.50/m2/month), Navarre (€9.76/m2/month, the Canary Islands (€9.63/m2/month) and Cantabria (€9.12/m2/month).

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